Fruit Vegetable Washer

Screw Elevator

Product Details:
  • Type: Elevator
  • Capacity: 500 Kg, 8000 kg
  • Condition: New

Suitable for elevation of the raw material to a particular height. The Screw elevator manufactured by us is available in standard configurations as well as custom units. The equipment will be provided with shell and screw arrangement. Capacity ranging from 500 kgs per hr upto 8000 kgs per hr can be provided.

Fruit Washer

Product Details:
  • Type: Washer

Suitable for washing fruits and vegetables. The fruits are soaked in the water and are subjected to thorough agitation by means of powerful blower to loosen dust and such foreign particles. The fruits are then picked up by the pick up conveyor and are subjected to powerful spray and fresh water for further cleaning. Overflow water is collected in overflow tank with filter arrangement. This particular water is circulated back feed end of the washer via water circulation pump. Capacity ranging from 500 kgs per hr upto 10000 kgs per hr can be provided in the fruit and vegetable washer.

Ribbon Blender

Product Details:
  • Condition: New

Consisting of U shaped shell and LH / RH ribbon screw assembly. The ribbon mixing arrangement helps in proper mixing of the product. Specially designed outlet valve is provided for discharging the product. Capacity ranging from 150 Itrs upto 3000 Itrs can be provided.
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